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Let’s be honest . . .

who does not want to build their own gyro.

Trojan gyro kits by Wagtail Aviation in South Africa brings you a 2 seat tandem gyro flying with a 200+ hp Subaru engine that achieves a climb at Gauteng altitude of approx. 600 ft/min at MAUW.

Named after a character in the Greek mythology as used in Troy, this is also a machine hiding a vast capability in a benign state.  See the video clip in the intro page, then you will understand what is meant with hiding capabilities and capacities.  Who would have thought that that machine has a 36 ft rotor and can lift close to one metric ton.  Wagtail is even in the process to have the Trojan Type Certified.  The plan is to have this the first type certified commercial gyro available in Southern Africa

Inspired by the Springkaan, Kriek, Xenon and various other gyros, the Trojan and LDG was initiated as being the initial gyros aimed at the commercial market.  Wagtail has already accumulated more than 8 000 accident free hours doing commercial work in the surveying and inspection roles in gyroplanes using their unique systems.


The Trojan was designed and upgraded with the end-user in mind.  Upgrades will be backwards compatible and the gyro will be fun to build and is economical to buy and operate.  Factory assistance is available at any point in time and periodic inspections will be carried out to assist with the assembly and testing process.

Our design philosophy has been to follow the KISS principle. (Keep it short and simple). This phrase has been our key guiding principle and cornerstone in evaluating all aspects of our design and were tested during the manufacturing and assembling phases.

This was our target and with factory assistance this can be achieved. This will allow more time to fly and enjoy your gyro.

Contact us for more information.

Assembling a Trojan gyro