Why a Gyrocopter?

. . . cost effective to operate

Why a Gyrocopter?

. . . payload capacity

Why a Gyrocopter?

. . . short take-off

Why a Gyrocopter?

. . . safe low-level operation

Why a Gyrocopter?

. . . easy to fly

Why a Gyrocopter?

. . . stability

Welcome to the world of Auto-Gyro

Applied as never before

Our autogyros, also known as Gyrocopters, are developed for a harsh, high altitude commercial environment that demands unprecedented reliability and hassle free operation. The result was an autogyro like no other, a mixture of competent engineering, experience and unique systems developed in-house for special projects and endurance alike. The Trojan as it is today evolved over many years of Commercial operations and delivers unrivalled performance in both the recreational and commercial environments. 

We design and operate rotor-craft in the commercial environment in South Africa, do special projects with affiliates such as the CSIR and operate an Aircraft Maintenance Organisation.

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