New Gyrocopter Registration Process

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Owning a gyrocopter comes with having to comply to specific rules and regulations.
The staff at Wagtail will assist you to obtain these approvals.

Before building commence

  • Build Number from SACAA

During the building process

  • Registration Certificate, that will be your ZU registration number
  • Radio Station License from ICASA
  • Aeroclub and SAGPA Membership
  • Recreational Pilots License for Gyrocopters (Part 62)
  • Continuous oversight by Approved Persons from Wagtail

After the building is completed

  • Proving Flight Permit
    • Third-party insurance is compulsory when owning a gyrocopter, so at this stage you will have to acquire at least third-party insurance and optional full insurance. Wagtail will guide and advice you on options.
    • Wagtail personnel will also assist and guide you through the application for Proving Flight Process
    • After Proving Flight hours are completed, we help you apply for an Authority to Fly permit

After your Solo flight hours are completed

  • National Pilots License

Additional fees:

  • Original forms from Wagtail is required to the following bodies, SACAA, RAASA & AEROCLUB. Thus, there will be additional charges from Wagtail for administration and courier fees which new gyrocopter owner will be responsible for.
  • The costs for each of the approvals or licenses to the different bodies will also be invoice separately for payment by the gyrocopter owner.

Annual registrations

Some of these approvals must be done annually. Wagtail can provide the service of assisting you to do the annually applications on your behalf at the different bodies.