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The Trojan (or as we call it at Wagtail, Vlooi) was developed for a harsh, high altitude commercial environment that demands unprecedented reliability and low maintenance operation.

‪The result was an autogyro like no other, a mixture of competent engineering, experience and unique systems developed in-house for special projects.

‪The Trojan as it is today evolved over many years of Commercial operations and with features like full pneumatically assisted suspension for the rough stuff and powerful Subaru engines making light work of any load,  it delivers unrivaled performance in both the recreational and commercial environments.


Total Height  2.8m
Total Length  5.1m
Total Width  1.2m



MTOW 725 - 790 kg
Empty Weight 390 - 410 kg
Useful Weight 320 -380 kg

Performance Characteristics

Comfortable Low Speed 65 – 80 kmph
Most Economical Cruise 110 – 120 kmph
Comfortable Long Distance Cruise 130 – 145 kmph
High Speed Cruise 150 – 160 kmph (34ft. Rotor) /
140 – 150 kmph (36ft. Rotor)
Endurance 4 – 6 hours
Power 170hp - 250hp
Fuel Tank Capacity 100 – 150 L
Range 500 – 700km

Trojan Base Specification list:

Subaru Engine
Less maintenance means more flying and less unnecessary expenditure. The engine also pumps out between 170 and 260hp. (Load dependant variable boost.) This means that it never operates marginally.

Full Pneumatically Assisted Suspension
Enabling operation from extremely rough strips. If you can drive a pick-up at 60km/h, we can operate the Trojan from there.

Large Diameter 6 -ply Tyres 
A deflated wheel can be a major problem out in the field.

Ventilated disc brakes 
Serious stopping power.

Dual ECU’s
Wagtail’s own dual engine control system built for redundancy and safety.

Detailed Specifications:
The Trojan comes in both two seat and single seat configurations.

External Power Points for Jumper Cables
It might not sound like much, but there will be times when the computer was left on or aux equipment managed to drain just enough power from the battery to result in a difficult start.  This is where the safety of dedicated power points on the outside of the fuselage will be appreciated.

Air-to-Ground Network
The gyro is equipped with a special two-way communication link enabling communication between the computer in the gyro and a computer linked to the Internet anywhere on the Web.  Depending on the hardware installed this wireless down-link can operate over distances of up to 30 km. With this wireless link you can effectively control and manipulate the computer in the gyro from anywhere in the world (Internet access required).  IP Cameras can also be installed for real-time video feed.

Fully Functional Windows Based, Solid State Computer
This includes a 70 GB solid state hard drive and a dedicated power supply.