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The following activities are in process with the South African Civil Aviation Authority

  • Part 96 Commercial Operation of Non-type Certificated Aircraft  (Application in Process)
  • Part 101  Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems  (Application in Process)
  • Part 141  Aviation Training Organisation
    – ATO 0086

    • Part 62  Including National Pilot Licensing
      To include Part 66  Approved Person Training
    • Part 60  Flight Simulator Training Devices  (Application in Process)
  • Part 145  Aircraft Maintenance Organisations
    – AMO 1125
  • Part 147  Design Organisations for Products, Parts and Appliances  (Application in Process)
  • Part 148  Manufacturing Organisation  (Application in Process)

In Africa

Wagtail is also busy with projects in Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and various other African countries.

The company Wagtail Nigeria was registered, and we are in the process of establishing a Gyrocopter centre of Excellence, close to the military base at Kaduna.