gyrolag2Wagtail is involved in ongoing development of specialized Geo-surveying auto-gyro platforms for commercial operation.
The Kriek MkIIB is an example of such a highly specialized machine that has 100’s of surveying hours on it.

In the past we have worked with Alto – Air and gyroLAG doing some interesting Geo-surveying work.



Milkor logoMilkor logoMilkor is currently leading competition with its latest technology which is unparalleled in both the less-lethal and lethal markets. All Milkor products are designed on the principle of ‘simplicity = reliability’ which has been the key to the success of its products. Milkor’s 30 year experience and the constant innovation of new leading edge technology has earned Milkor a powerful position in the international and national markets.



axellaAxella (Pty) Ltd. is an aeronautical engineering company based in Potchefstroom, South Africa. We specialise in the design, maintenance and construction of aircraft mainly in the NTCA category (including gliders). We are absolutely passionate about aviation. We distribute Dyn’Aero in South Africa and are accredited dealers of MGL Avionics and Rotax.


AirboatAirboat Afrika  

Airboat Afrika sells and operate airboats in Africa.


Artur Trendak – Poland

LOGO_AT-AVIATION WebThe Artur Trendak company was founded in 2002 and initially worked in the automotive business. In 2006, the new plant in Jaktorów Poland began production of light aircraft, the gyroplanes. To this day, more than 200 machines of different models, flying on 5 continents, have left this plant. Starting a new phase of its operations in 2011, the company adopted the name AVIATION Artur Trendak

The engineering team in the research and development department is using the latest computer simulation techniques and CAD for continuous improvement of the quality and performance of the machines.
Multiple elements of the gyroplanes are manufactured in CNC technology.
The company adapts its products to the latest technologies in the field of photogrammetry and laser scanning area. The company collaborates with universities and research institutes in the implementation of other technologies, such as biological pest control.