Rough Field Operations – Meerkat Holes

When operating from a rough field, farm strip or grass strip you will from time to time encounter small animals and birds including guinea fowl, meerkat, pheasants. Mostly they don’t interfere with day to day operations and you know about their whereabouts, and can easily steer clear of them.

It’s when they catch you unaware that they cause damage. This hole on our strip, about 1km in from the Western side, is just big enough to swallow a normal recreational autogyro’s wheel wholly, fell in as Johan taxied over it. Luckily Johan was in the bigger wheeled Trojan when he discovered it, causing nothing more than an uncomfortable bump whilst taxing.

IMG_9230 IMG_9231

Some photos of our 1.6km strip near Parys. The strip was registered with SACAA in 2013.

IMG_9232 IMG_9233

Johan and Kayleigh going out on a training sortie. With the ELA, it’s a good thing they know about the hole in the runway…