Light Delivery Gyroplane (LDG) Development

The latest development is that of the 3-seater LDG (Light Delivery Gyroplane), pictured below, is set to shake the Gyroplane world with its large 37’ rotor and 2.5L Turbo charged Subaru engine with intercooler rated at over 250 hp.

Model: LDG (Light Delivery Gyro)

Configuration Pilot plus 2 pax, Forward facing, (Enclosed cockpit)
Avionics / Instruments Solid State Computer
(Client Specific) *Navigational Software
  *Imaging Software
   *Engine Monitoring and logging
   *Telemetry Control
   *Internet access
   *Weather date
   *Satellite data link
  *Flight Instruments
  *Engine and Fuel Instruments
Radio (Client specific) Dual Air-band
Data link (Client specific) Real-Time Satellite
Intercom 3 place
Fuselage Composite
Airframe Composite
Overall Width 2.8 m
Length Airframe 6 m
Height 3 m
Cockpit Width 1200 mm
Wheel Diameter / Width 550 mm / 230 mm
Undercarriage Type Hydro Pneumatic
Undercarriage Travel 160 mm
Empty Weight 440 Kg
Max Payload 350 kg
Max Take Off Weight 790 kg
Power plant (Subaru) EJ 25T
Engine Protection Knock Sensor and
Air /fuel ratio display
Power Available 280 Hp
Electrical System 12 V / 35 Amps
24 V / 40 Amps
Starter Electrical
Gearbox Vibration damped, 2.47: 1 ratio
Intake System Fuel Injected
Fuel Tank Kevlar Aramid composite tank
Fuel System Triple Redundant plus pressure differential measurement
Propeller IVO Patriot, Ground Adjustable Pitch
Diameter 74 or 76 inch
Rotor Type
Pre-Rotator Hydraulic
Profile Modified NACA 8H12
Diameter 36 ft (11 m)
Cord 220 – 250 mm
Rotor Disc Area 95 m2


Max Speed (Comfortable) 90 – 95 mph
144 – 152 km/h
80 – 84 kts
Cruise Speed (75%) 80 – 85 mph
Min Speed 35- 40 mph
Vne (MAUW) 100 mph
Vne (Light) 95 mph
Rate of Climb (75% load) 1000 ft/min
Glide Ratio 3.8:1
Min operational strip length (Clear 50 ft obstacle) 400 m
Min Operational strip length for drop and go, rotor at rpm, clear 50 ft obstacle 200 m
Take off Distance (Stand still to breaking ground) 90 m
Min Landing Distance (Normal ops) 30 m
Extreme Ops 5 – 15 m
Operational Ceiling (Oxygen is the limitation) 14 000 ft
Fuel Capacity (Client specific) 80 Lt
Fuel Consumption 25 – 35 Lt
(Weight, speed, mission dependant)
Endurance (25 min reserve) 2 h 50 min minimum up to 4 h
Endurance to tanks dry 3 h 20 min up to 4 h 30 minutes
Range (Air Miles) (Depends on fuel tank fitted) Min 280 miles / 450 km