The team of full-time instructors consist of:

Johan von Ludwig, with more than 5500 hours on Gyroplanes and one of only a few officially rated Class one Gyro Test pilots in South Africa.  Johan also holds a Microlight licence, National Pilot’s Licence and Private Pilot’s Licence.

Jan Loedolff, with more than 5600 hours total time has ratings for more than 56 different types, ranging from Microlight, various  Non-type certified fixed wings and various gyroplanes.  Jan also holds a Private Pilot’s licence with active Night rating.

Autogyro Instruction
Flight training at Wagtail is very personal and every student will receive training by his/her own instructor. The student benefits tremendously with this one-on-one system as they receive optimum attention and understanding. The flight training is integrated with the ground school and assessed on a lesson for lesson basis in order to immediately identify and eliminate any problems.

The various Instructors at Wagtail are rated on the following Gyroplanes:

  • ELA 07 / 08
  • VPM
  • Magni M16 / M22 / 2000 /M24
  • MT 03
  • MTO Sport
  • Sycamore
  • ArrowCopter
  • Kriek
  • Vlooi
  • Trojan
  • Springkaan