Flight Systems‬‬

Wagtail Rotor Head

‪Wagtail Aviation’s proven 36’ rotor system is used on a host of autogyros built and modified in-house for heavy lifting and low speed operations.  The hydraulic pre-rotation system has seen more than 10 000 operational hours and at least four of the systems have over 2000 hours with only belt replacement at 1000 hours and belt tension adjustment at 300 hour intervals.

Wagtail Subaru Conversions

More power means better high altitude performance and better load bearing capabilities. Subaru’s boxer engines combined with custom Forced Induction Systems from Garret and Wagtail’s in-house developed Engine Control Unit makes this the ultimate gyro pushing power train.

Network Integration

‪Using a solid state PC you can now operate Windows or for that matter any conventional operating system from inside your gyro.

‪This includes a 70 GB solid state hard drive and a dedicated power supply. Custom Tablet integration can also be done.