Course info

Ground school

Ground school includes all the following subjects:

  • Airframe and engines (typical 15 hours ground school)
  • Air law (typical 10 hours ground school)
  • Aviation Meteorology (typical 7 hours ground school)
  • Navigation (typical 10 h ground school)
  • Principles of Flight (typical 8 hours ground school)
  • Restricted Radio license (typical 8 hours ground school)
Gyros in a row
Inspecting the wheels

Aircraft Maintenance

A big advantage of the proximity of the Flight school to the actual Wagtail Research and Development facility is the benefit of actually receiving detailed Mechanical hands-on training on actual Rotor heads and engines. A first hand experience of an unbalanced rotor and the thrill of performing Static power runs cannot be substituted. All services and maintenance are conducted on the same premises as training. This enables us to keep our aircraft in optimum condition and readily available. With this the students are also able to receive some insight into the manufacturing and maintenance of a typical hard working Gyroplane. For more detail on this aspect see Maintenance Training.

Flight training is generally split between the two facilities, one being the Runway, Clubhouse and restaurant at Parys airfield and the other the runway at the Wagtail Research and Maintenance base.  The facilities at Wagtail’ Research and Development base consist of a 700mhangar and an adjacent building with lecture facilities and self-catering Chalet for the students.

The runway is 1400 meters long with smooth grass and gravel. The area around the airfield is wide open maize fields for as far as the eye can see. The General flying area can take you to the Vaal river, Barrage, Vaal dam and the Vredefort dome complex. All these natural attractions are all within 10 – 30 minutes flight time from Wagtail.



Transport from and to OR Tambo can also be provided please contact us for more information.


Normal flying hours are from 07:00 to around 18:30 ( depending on season ) from Monday to Friday. Special arrangements can be made for flight training on Saturdays. Flying will normally be scheduled Monday to Saturday, often outside these hours, and Sunday may be used on occasion if the course falls behind schedule due to persistent inclement weather.


Smart casual attire is suitable for GPL students. The best clothing for flying is natural fiber (wool, cotton). Synthetic materials and blends are not recommended. Shorts and loose fitting or high heel shoes are strictly forbidden. Wagtail flying suits can be ordered and purchased for those students who wish to do so. A proper flying suit and comfortable, practical shoes for flying is always a very good investment for your future flying career, whether professional or just recreational.


All Wagtail Aviation aircraft are insured against damage whilst being used for Flight Training by enrolled students or qualified pilots. Personal accident cover should be arranged by the student should you feel that this is required. Any personal equipment and possessions that you have at Wagtail Crew House are not insured and are held there at your own risk. Medical insurance is advisable where a Student may be unable to complete his course due to a medical ailment leading to hospitalization and preventing him from completing his pre-paid Flying Course. An Adventures “Activity” Learning to Fly Policy is available from most local Insurance Brokers at a moderate cost to the Student.