Commercial Operations

With over 8000 accident and injury free Commercial hours on Gyroplanes, Wagtail Aviation is the pioneer and leader in the Commercial use of gyroplanes for the last 10 years. Wagtail started using typical recreational gyro’s in the early days and we experienced first-hand the typical cracks to the frames, pre-rotator failures, wheels exploding from fatigue and engines not getting even close to TBO before major rebuild. Over the years Wagtail was forced to upgrade and re-design the gyroplane platforms to the current Commercial machines known as Kriek, Trojan and Vlooi.  These gyroplanes were designed from a clean slate to incorporate all the best features we came across and experimented with over more than 14 years.

Trojan vs Ella
Trojan vs Ella

To support the Commercial use of the gyroplanes deployed all over South Africa, Wagtail has a CAA approved Aviation Maintenance Organization ( AMO 1125 ) with all the ratings except Special Processes like X-ray and specialized NDT.

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